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Tobacco Prevention and Control Branch

Local Tobacco Prevention and Control Groups

Using federal funds from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Office on Smoking and Health, the NC Tobacco Prevention and Control Branch funds 10 Regional Tobacco Prevention and Control Collaboratives that work within all 100 North Carolina counties to address the following goals:

  • Advancing health equity by identifying and eliminating commercial tobacco product-related inequities and disparities
  • Eliminating exposure to secondhand smoke
  • Providing resources for tobacco users who want to quit
  • Preventing youth from initiating tobacco use

Each Collaborative employs a Regional Tobacco Control Manager, who is based at a local health department within the Region.


Tobacco Prevention and Control Branch Funding Regions, 2020-2025

Tobacco Prevention and Control Branch Funding Regions 2015-2020

Full-size version of funding regions map (JPG, 204 KB)

Success Stories

Region 2

Region 3

Region 4

Region 5

Region 6

Regions 6 and 8

Region 8

Region 9

Region 10






Updated: October 6, 2023